Top Places
Termites Are Found

While termites can be found in any home, some factors make them more appealing for habitation.

Termites can be found in any home at any time.  While this might sound daunting, just like all other creatures; they follow a pattern of behaviour based around getting their basic needs of food, shelter and moisture met.  This knowledge, combined with our years of experience in the industry; has allowed us to compile a list of the top 5 places they are found around the house so you can keep an eye out between regular inspections:


Warm & Moist Areas

Termites love to nest in warm and moist areas so they tend to pop up near bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or anywhere else there is moisture build up.  Their nests are usually found in hard to spot places behind large appliances like fridges or washing machines.


In the garden

Homes that use mulch are at high risk of attracting termites as mulch provides the perfect food source.  Gardens and plants that border your house and/or cover weep holes are commonly act as bridges for termites to enter your home.


Inside Walls

Once inside, termites love to hide inside wall cavities.  This is where they can often do the most damage while going completely unnoticed for weeks or even months.  They nest between walls and slowly eat the timber leaving behind only the paint.  Thermal imaging in a great tool our inspections use to help identify live termites in-between walls non-invasively.



Subfloors can act like termite incubators and the damage created can result in severe loss of structural integrity.  It is most common in slightly older homes that don’t have enough ventilation.  The lack of ventilation allows moisture to build up therefore attracting the termites.

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