Smoke Alarm Maintenance




Smoke alarms are very important for making sure your property is fire safe, and it’s important to make they are working correctly and effectively. This is why we have a smoke alarm maintenance package. It’s ideal for individuals, property manager and landlords who want the peace of mind of knowing their smoke alarms are being maintained.

We are in the process at the moment of helping everyone to convert over to photoelectric smoke alarms. This is in order to comply with the Queensland Legislation regarding smoke alarms that was put into effect in 2017.

If you are still using the old smoke alarms we can still offer you maintenance, just give us a call and we will organise it for you. If you’re looking to convert over to the new alarms then get more information here.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

  • One year of maintenance.
  • Keeps your smoke alarms are well maintained, working effectively and will keep residents safe in the event of a fire.
  • For individuals, landlords and property managers.

If you have any questions then please give us a call. If you’re interested in getting new alarms installed then check out our smoke alarm installations.


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