Low-Maintenance Plants
For A Subtropical Garden


This gorgeous and vibrantly coloured plant is great for both ground cover or as a climber. They are a great option as they are beautiful and hardy, meaning they don’t require much maintenance. However, to get the best flowers make sure to place your bougainvillea in a warm, sunny spot and only prune lightly at the end of the flowering season.


These blue or white long stemmed lilies can be commonly found around South East Queensland. They are a great option for hedging – whether it be a pool, fence or driveway, they will be sure to make a statement. Keep in mind that agapanthus need full blown sun to thrive, so if you use them in a shady area you may run the risk of them not flowering. Make sure to water them regularly for the best results.

Bird of Paradise

This exotic looking flower resembling a tropical bird is a great addition to any subtropical garden. They will flower best when grown in rich soil, in direct sunlight and moisture. While it needs a lot of water, the key to keeping a healthy bird of paradise is to have sufficient drainage for it. This will ensure it is not left to sit in soggy soil which will eventually cause it to die.

Frangipani Tree

This delightful & aromatic tropical tree is a staple in many gardens around Australia. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but they are also deliciously fragrant so position your tree in a spot where you’ll be able to enjoy the visual and aromatic benefits. Frangipanis usually grow between 6-9m tall and 5m wide providing great shade in the summer months. They are hearty and used to a desert like terrain so never saturate the soil when watering. Keep them healthy by watering them in summer but allow them to dry out in the winter.

Ornamental Gingers

If you’re looking for something to provide a lush look in your garden, then ornamental ginger is the perfect option. Coming in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours you’re sure to find a fit no matter what style garden you have. Unlike many other sub-tropical plants, ornamental gingers love both shade and sunlight.

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