Home Flea Treatment

$135 – $199

For anyone with a pet, you’re probably quite familiar with fleas. A flea treatment is usually something that you would get for you pet, the trouble with that is that the fleas won’t just be on your animal, they’ll be all around your home. These can be much harder to get rid of, which is why we have this flea treatment.

If you get fleas in your home, this is the most effective way to get rid of them. But be aware that some flea sites will require 2 services ti ensure they are completely eradicated, and this will come at an extra cost.

Flea Treatment

  • 1 month warranty.
  • Get rid of fleas in your home.
  • If you’re unsure as to whether or not one treatment will be enough then give us a call and we’ll help you.

If you are having issues with other pests then give us a call and we will advise as to your best options.

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