General Pest Spray


Our General Pest Spray is a spray designed to remove a range of unwanted pests from your home. These are: cockroaches, ants, spiders and also silverfish. Other pests will require more specific treatments. This is one of our most popular services as it helps to protect your home from some of the most common pests.

All of our treatments come with individual warranty periods. As this treatment is for multiple pests then the warranty period varies depending on which pest you are referring to. Individual warranty periods are also listed below.

General Pest Spray

This spray treats for:

  • Cockroaches – 12 months warranty.
  • Household Ants – 6 months warranty.
  • Spiders – 6 months warranty.
  • Silverfish – 12 months warranty.

For specific problems then get in touch with us to discuss treatments for them.

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