Building Inspection

Getting a Building Inspection is not only an essential part of the buying and selling process, but it is also important to ensure your home is in good condition. An inspection will shed light to issues in your home and allow you to fix them before they get out of hand. Once a problem becomes too big then they are a lot more expensive to fix, so regular inspections can really help in the long run.

When buying and selling it forms an important part of the process.

Building Inspection

  • Non-invasive visual inspection of the property.
    • Checks for structural problems as well as the overall condition.
  • Vital when buying or selling a home.
  • Ensures your home is in good condition.
  • If there are problems we can recommend services and treatments.
  • Our Building and Pest Inspector will inspect the property and compile a report.
  • This is a good inspection to get as a pre-sale or pre-purchase house inspection.

For specific problems then get in touch with us to discuss treatments for them.

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